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Answering the Slander
The TRSSD For Suncrest (The Extra Tax):

I am amazed at the lies coming from the other candidate's office stating that I want to remove all of the special fees for Suncrest. Even Dan Wheatley, who sits on the TRSSD board, said in the last debate that the TRSSD board itself has no interest in removing this tax. I do not want to remove the special fees for Suncrest! It is easy to lie and twist the truth, but just because someone says it, doesn't make it true!

Amy Baird (Chairman of TRSSD) quote: Michele Weeks has never told us (the board) that she wants to remove this special tax. It's deceitful that the Mayor would put this lie in a flyer for the residents of Draper.

What is the truth behind the $23.25 yearly Suncrest tax scare? So why is the Mayor trying to scare you the Draper voters with a hypothetical yearly tax increase of $23.25? TO FOOL YOU!

The extra fee for the Suncrest residents is $348,812.61 divided by the number of Draper households, which is approximately 15,000, then the tax would be $23.25 per household per year.

The Suncrest Residents know they have to pay the TRSSD fee, NO ONE has suggested to remove it!

This should show you the voter why his latest deception flyer that came through the mail is so outrageous! Do you really want this kind of Draper Mayor leading the city?

The Issue of Increasing the Mayor’s Salary:

FACT CHECK: Troy Walker caught in his own web. As you may know our current mayor works 2 half days per week. When our assistant city manager was deployed this past January, the current mayor was asked to increase his hours of work for the city, to which his response was, he needed additional compensation.

On January 29, 2017 the temporary increase for the mayor’s salary was added to the city council’s agenda. I told the mayor I was not going to support him on this issue and that I planned to abstain from voting. The item was subsequently withdrawn from the agenda. Here are the records supporting this: FACT CHECK: The current mayor has said, I am proposing a mayor’s salary increase to $250,000. I have never said or proposed any such thing, not to mention the ridiculousness of that number for a city of 50,000 people.

FACT: The current mayor of Salt Lake City receives $183,716 in annual compensation. The current mayor of Salt Lake County receives $195,337 in annual compensation.

To be published on January 29,2017, in Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News


Notice is hereby given that Draper City will hold a public hearing before the City Council on February 7,2017, to receive public comment on a temporary adjustment to the Mayor's compensation.

The hearing will be held at Draper City Hall, 1020 East Pioneer Road, on February 7,2017, at 7:00 p.m. Inquiries may contact Rachelle Conner at the Draper City offices, (801) 576-6502.

Attest: Rachelle Conner City Recorder

April 2nd

The Whole Story Behind Nepotism:

In 2016 as a new City Council member, I felt it was important to support my fellow council members and their initiatives. So, when Alan Summerhays asked me to bring up the subject of non-department head jobs being open to relatives of council members, I felt it was important for me to do this for him. His son wanted to cut the grass for Draper City. It was approximately my third city council meeting when Alan approached me with his request. Several months later when the item was placed on the agenda, without consulting me on the wording or details, I spoke with Alan and was told he had changed his mind, but neglected to inform me. I asked for the topic to be removed from the agenda (see attached meeting minutes). Mayor Walker decided not to remove the item, it was a way to ridicule me for nepotism. Within an hour of my request being denied, the Salt Lake Tribune contacted the city offices. It became clear this was a set-up and a way for the current mayor to “welcome” in the new city council member. In my last year and a half on the council, all items that have been requested to be removed from the agenda, have been, with the only exception of this item.

My family has no need or desire to work for Draper City, they have their own careers:

Husband Kenny – owns several of his own businesses
Son Michael – VP at Morgan Stanley
Daughter Jessica – PhD in psychology
Daughter Missy – Degree in PR working for DigiCert
Daughter Natalie – Going to college pursuing her degree in fashion
Son Joshua – 15 years old going to Corner Canyon
Son Christian – 13 years old going to Summit Middle School


7:22:42 PM

5.4 Councilmember Weeks indicated the only reason she made a motion in order to get this on the agenda was Councilmember Summerhays asked her to support him in this on opening up the discussion. She agreed to open up the discussion on this. She thought if it was important enough for him to ask her then it was important enough for them to have a relationship or a talk about it. Since then, he had changed his mind about whether he supported it or did not support it and did not support the way it was written. Her first intent of introducing or opening up this legislation was for part-time employees or seasonal, which is $12.50 per hour. She understands that Mr. Ogden was having some trouble getting individuals to do this part-time seasonal work. When it was written, it did not ever come in front of her to see if that was her true intent in changing this ordinance. On Monday she asked to have this ordinance removed because she was not in favor of the way it was written. She could not compromise with something that she and Councilmember Summerhays could agree on with this ordinance. She stated she is not in favor of the way it is written as of now, and it was not her intent for it to be written this way.

7:24:16 PM

5.5 Councilmember Summerhays advised he remembered clearly that in 2007 this was done, and he had hastily spoken too soon. He was thinking of Mr. Ogden who has been trying to get part-time help. He cannot see how this will work, and he will vote no on this. He cannot see how they can try to limit it to lawn mower crew or something like that. He said he cannot support this in any way at all. He did this thinking he was trying to help, but he remembered why this was adopted in 2007. There was a big discussion about it then. He said he is getting a little old and forgetful, and he cannot support this with the language it has now.

read all the minutes

Happy 18th Anniversary to my Husband!

Ken is my first and only marriage, and I was blessed to gain four wonderful children with this union. Ken and I later had two children of our own. We have always supported and encouraged each other to follow their dreams. My husband has been so supportive of my need to run for city council and mayor. He often says, “Michele, Life would be a lot easier if you did not run for public office.” But he sees how much I enjoy working with Draper residents to solve problems in the city. He has campaigned for me, knocked on thousands of doors, donated to my campaign, advised and supported me when I had a bad day. Thank you for being such a wonderful, loving, amazing, encouraging and supportive husband as well as my best friend.

Who Sets The Agenda For City Council Meetings?

Who sets the agenda, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 2-1-060 PERTAINING TO PREPARATION OF AGENDAS FOR CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS IN DRAPER CITY. Many people have asked me why are there so many close door meetings. Even before I was elected and attended city council meetings it bothered me that the mayor and council had so many close door meetings. When I first started on the council it continued that meetings were closed to the public on numerous occasions. As this continued I did learn that the Mayor and the Mayor pro-tem (Bill Rappleye) sets the schedule for the meeting. It's these 2 individuals with the assistance of the city manager who decide what is on the city council's agenda or not on the agenda. It is Troy Walker the Mayor and Bill Rappleye acting mayor if Troy is unable to attend who determines if we are going to have a close door session. The council does not decide at large and does not set this agenda. A council member chooses to join the meeting or not and if they don't attend they lose their opportunity to voice their opinion about the matter discussed. Here is the ordinance to support this post:


2-1-060 Agenda.

A written agenda for each regular meeting shall be prepared under the direction of the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. In the event that any member of the governing body desires to add or delete an item or items to any prepared agenda, then consent must be obtained from the Mayor and one City Council Member or two City Council Members. Upon receiving the request from the Mayor and one Council Member or two City Council Members, the Executive Assistant shall add or delete items to prepared agendas as requested.

The Draper Fire Department

I voted against having a fire department because we weren’t shown numbers to consider with this vote. But actually, this goes deeper, there was a ruse playing out. The next vote was to pursue the cost of having our own fire department, not making a final decision. This vote was unanimous, we had all agreed to pursue the numbers for having our own fire department. Two weeks later, Troy Walker had chosen his new fire chief. The city manager called me to come and meet the new fire chief, this was the first I had heard of us having decided to move forward without accurate numbers. Even today these numbers subjective.