Create Multi-Use Parks
Create more multi-use parks for teams and kids to play soccer, lacrosse, football, and other sports.

In other parts of the county, a number of youth athletic teams are forced to practice their field sports on asphalt. We cannot allow that to happen to our community. Therefore, saving the land now in the redesigning of the master plan for recreational parks is a priority to ensure our kids will have ample green spaces for outdoor activities in the future. We also have to insist that developers create more parks in their developments. Draper residents live here for the mountains, clean air, and open spaces. We need to make sure our kids will always have a place to play and participate in numerous sports and activities. Draper needs to have the feel of a community, not an overcrowded city.

The city of Draper should allocate land for green space in the new master plan that can be used for team sports and family activities. I would like to see and will encourage new developments to allocate land for more outdoor sports and activities.