Development Agreements
Reduce the number of development agreements Draper City Council passes. These development agreements often reduce the amount of green space needed for wise planning and narrows the neighborhood streets beyond proper safety conditions. In addition, these agreements often allow more homes per acre than Draper city ordinances were requiring in new developments.

Draper requires 30% open space in high-density developments and the roadways to be 60 feet wide, including the sidewalks. When the City Council approves a development agreement it can supersede Draper ordinances. Our ordinances can be totally ignored and the development agreement can now take precedence because of what was agreed upon between the developer and the City Council members. As a result of these development agreements, Draper has a large number of narrow and crowded streets that have created parking issues and dangerous conditions for pedestrians and especially our children in these neighborhoods.

Development Agreements are basically a give and take: if you give me this, I will give you that. This creates a huge problem for the new residents who have to live in the overcrowded development with no room for parking.

If a development agreement does not enhance the quality of life for the new residents and the neighborhoods, then it should not be built.