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Donate to Michele's Campaign
Campaigns need money, every little bit helps. We have multiple ways for you to donate:
Use PAYPAL to donate online:  

Please know that you can donate by check. Mail to: Michele Weeks' Campaign - 1873 E. New River Dr. Draper, UT 84020. Thank you for donating to Michele Weeks' Campaign. Your opinion and your voice does matter when it comes to city government. Often times Politician's only represent big businesses that sponsors their campaigns. I believe our elected officials should represent the best interest of their communities and not just a few big donors. That is why I am so appreciative of your donations so we can stand united as citizens of Draper.

A City Mayor's Race typical cost $50,000 for 5 mailings, signs, banners and door flyers. Every donation helps reach that goal. Thank you again for caring about the future of Draper and donating to Michele Weeks' for Draper City Mayor.