Stop Geneva Rock
I echo the call to Stop Geneva Rock!

As I said in the debate, our biggest immediate problem facing Draper today is the reckless attempt to rezone the area for Geneva Rock. Approximately 189 acres are in discussion with the City Council to change it from A5 Agriculture Zoning to M2 Manufacturing Zoning. Some estimate Geneva purchased the land for $1000 an acre in the 1990’s in hopes of getting it rezoned in the future.

If the current Draper City Council passes the rezoning, there will be mining within 200 yards of Draper residences.

Geneva Rock has a history of air quality violations and has paid millions in fines. This area is already suffering from tremendous pollution right now.

The pollutants Geneva is producing causes cancer, asthma, and silicosis.

Did you know we have 5 Draper individuals who have come down with Gulllain-Barre in the flight park on South Mountain area? This is a very rare respiratory disease that eventually paralyzes your whole body.

How much is a human life worth?

The only answer is to stop Geneva Rock in their efforts to rezone their agricultural land.

The argument that we need the taxes is simply a cop-out. Even Harmon’s on Bangerter Highway brings in more tax revenue to Draper than Geneva Rock. If the rezoning does not take place, other ideas will play out with the area and maybe it can be turned into retail and restaurants or any number of commercial options that don’t pollute. Let’s stand firm on this issue together.