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Why I am Running for Draper City Mayor
I am City Councilmember Michele Weeks and I am running for mayor. I have been a resident of Draper for the past 18 years and have witnessed many changes. I enthusiastically embrace many of the changes to our city. However, sometimes I question if other changes are taking Draper off course. I have faith in the residents of this city and it is my belief that the city mayor and council should be open to new ideas and always consider the public’s point of view.

Draper has attracted many businesses that have brought prosperity to our city. As a business owner I understand how important it is to carefully plan for this unprecedented growth with conscientious planning that takes into account infrastructure issues like traffic and parking.

Since I have been elected to the Draper City Council, I have worked hard to add more transparency to local government. With my Facebook page ‘What’s Draper Up To’, I have been able to inform citizen about zoning changes before and after they happen. I created a forum to be able to hear how residents feel about different issues. Following my lead, Draper City has now hired a social media expert to improve its communication with Draper residents. However, I feel more needs to be done. We need more surveys to ask the public what is important to them. We need more two-way conversations with residents before major decisions are made like creating an independent fire department and creating homeless shelters.

As the mayor, I plan to be a strong voice to lead the City Council in asking questions that need to be asked and garnering solutions for the future. Since I moved here 18 years ago, the population in Draper has exploded. We are growing too fast for our own good. According to the census, the population in 1990 was at 7,143 and in 2012 it ballooned to 44,274. If we break it down into percentages, in 2000 we were up 247.5% from the previous ten years. We are growing faster than any other city our same size at a rate of 94% since 2000. We need to make sure Draper can keep up with the demands on its schools, roads and utilities.

The reality is that our roads cannot take it and our water usage is being strained beyond its engineering capacity. Most of all, our schools cannot handle it. We receive impact fees from developers for roads, water, and sewers, but we receive no money in the way of impact fees to help our school system.

Our new high school and middle school are overcrowded and are already using portable classrooms. Before I was elected, the mayor and council had approved more high density housing than you can imagine. Construction has not even started on most of these projects. I am running for mayor to stop the unnecessary high-density housing that is taking place. Let’s keep the charm of Draper by letting the city grow at a natural rate, not 94% above the national average. Let’s start taking care of our residents we have now and plan for a future that has a normal growth rate that was decided and engineered from Draper’s master plan a few years back.

I have been an active volunteer for Summit Academy Elementary for the past 6 years. In 2014, I was elected on to Draper Park Middle Schools Community Council and I’m a member of the PTA. I know the demands that are pressing our city and they need to be addressed.

I would love to have an opportunity to speak to you about some of your concerns and what help I can bring to Draper as mayor.

Thank you for your time.

Michele Weeks