Michele Weeks For House District 51

My campaign is built upon the belief that government should represent the voice of the people. I know this sounds simple, but it is necessary so that government and the people can be unified. Your national, STATE, and local representatives should represent what the voters in their district want and need: clean air, save roads, fresh water, good affordable education, open and accountable government. When elected to serve as your member of the Utah State House of Representatives, it will be my responsibility to seek to make the best decisions on behalf of Draper.


For Utah to succeed, we should be business friendly and encourage new businesses to move into Draper and Utah. This will lead to a larger tax base as well as enrich our community. However, establishing Utah and Draper as a business-friendly state and community will require that we create, increase, and protect incentives that encourage businesses and people to come to Utah. This will include protecting Utah’s unique outdoor experiences that include our mountains, hiking trails, and a variety of national and state parks. We must also keep our lakes, ponds, and rivers clean. Protecting these Utah treasures will help to ensure that all Utahns can enjoy recreational activities such as skiing, biking, fishing, and so much more. We must do more to protect our state treasures as well as air and water quality by limiting mining operations to reasonable levels.


Draper is a community nestled in between mountains. Our unique location provides us with a multitude of outdoor activities, including flying, at The Point of the Mountain. This wonderful area is one of the best flying locations in the country and is a key part of our community. We must preserve this treasure. Draper needs to elect a state representative who will fight to keep The Point of the Mountain under the control of local cities and their zoning laws. Additionally, Draper needs a voice at the capital that will remind the Point of the Mountain Commission about including open space in the redevelopment of the nearly 700 acres that the state prison currently occupies.


My time as a strong voice for the people on the Draper City Council has taught me much about the issues that concern everyday Utah families. I believe all politics are local. What happens at the state capital will affect our local communities. Draper needs a representative who will protect our values and voice our concerns. This can only happen with transparent and open communication. I promise to be a listening ear to your concerns and ideas. I will bring creative ideas to solve the challenges city and state face.


I would appreciate your vote to help make the changes we need in our community. I truly believe great government starts with elected officials who are committed to representing the people.


Learn more about my focus on ZONING, CLEAN AIR, EDUCATION, and my FISCAL responsibility TO YOU AND THE CITIZENS OF DRAPER. You can CONTACT me with questions or comments.


(801) 550-1922 - mobile or email me at: mweeksutah@gmail.com