Plants vs. Weeds.

Politics and Gardening Michele Weeks standing in front of the Utah State Capitol

I have two passions in my life Politics and Gardening. I have begun to see similarities between the two – corrupt Politicians and Weeds. 

Weeds grow very large and very quickly. They take over my garden if I am not watching and constantly ripping them out. Weeds work together for self-preservation and can survive in any environment.

Politicians can be like weeds. Weeds are in every aspect of my garden on the Local, State and National level. They work together to destroy every part of my garden like healthcare, environment, and education. If they are not addressed promptly they grow fast and are almost impossible to remove. The best way to remove these weeds is to have a free press which is capable of digging deep and exposing their roots.

Plants are good Politicians when planted properly and in sufficient numbers, they work together to create harmony and beauty. When they thrive, they bring us all peace, security, and hope. Weeds, on the other hand, try to strangle the plants and take over the roots. They form into clumps and take control over something that was once beautiful.

Some weeds look very similar to good plants. They pose as a plant and promise to look after the roads, parks and growth. But instead, they are just there to serve the needs of their friends, the noxious weeds. They help spread the noxious seeds which in turn sprout into traffic congestion, over-crowded schools, underfunded police and fire services and polluted air and water. They want your forests and open spaces for themselves, so they can put gravel pits, oil wells and factories there instead.

I read the paper often and watch the news to decide who is a weed and who is a plant. But even with knowledge, I still cannot kill all the weeds in my garden. I have to add weed killer to my arsenal. I use the best weed killer on the market and it is called TRANSPARENCY! I go to work and dig up the roots of the noxious weeds. It is interesting because when you find one root it is always tangled in several other roots. After I remove the weed from the garden, I need to apply campaign finance reform (Preen) to help me make sure the new growth does not have connections to the noxious weeds I just removed. I need term limits to help my garden have a fresh face and to ensure that one weed or plant does not dominate the garden

The problem with a successful garden is that it takes time. It is a tireless unending fight that can cause the best of us to throw in our towels. Some people just move away and say, “Weeds you win.

So, in the end, it is worth the fight. Please stay involved and find out this election who is a weed and who is a plant. If the person who is representing you is a weed, grab your shovel and dig them out. In other words, VOTE!

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