Welcome to my Campaign page!
My campaign is built upon the belief that government should represent the voices of the people. Our City Council should make sure our roads are safe and accessible for the community. Our growth should be managed by the amount of resources our roads, water and schools can handle. It would be my responsibility if elected a member of Draper City Council to speak for you and represent your concerns.

We should be business friendly and encourage new businesses to move into Draper that will increase our tax base and enrich the community. This needs to be done in a manageable way and certainly not all at once.

Draper is unique with our mountains and trails. The point of the mountain is the very finest flying area in the country. Draper is a community snuggled in between mountains and our natural treasures have to be preserved. We need to elect City Council Members that know that Draper has to grow responsively to maintain the charm of Draper and keep up with the demands of this growing city.

As a City Council Member, I promise to have a listening ear to your concerns and ideas. To bring creative ideas to solve problems facing our city. To preserve the great heritage of Draper and yet allow the City to grow in a way that will add to the attraction and charm.

It’s time for new faces and viewpoints on the Draper City Council. There are members that have been there for many years and it’s time for a change. I would appreciate your vote to help make the changes we need in our community. I truly believe great government starts at a local level. As a Draper City Council Member, I want to represent your interests, not special interests.

Learn more about my focus on EDUCATION, CLEAN AIR, and my FISCAL responsibility. You can also CONTACT me with questions, or comments.