Experiences in Government and the Community

In 2015, I was elected to the Draper City Council and am currently the chair of both the Jordan River Commission and the Draper City Tree Commission.  I have also served as a member of the SunCrest HOA Board, the Mountain Land Commission, a member of the Draper Park Middle School Community Council, and a member of the PTSA.  I’m also an active volunteer at the schools my children attend and the founder of the annual Utah Teacher Appreciation Night.

Shortly after joining the Draper City Council, I noticed that the city constantly recognized sporting teams and athletic groups, but never the award-winning educators in our community.  I rushed to remedy that situation.  Our teachers in Utah are some of the hardest working and underpaid educators in the nation.  As a volunteer, I have personally experienced the challenges facing our public school teachers, such as book and supply shortages, overcrowded class rooms, and state-imposed curriculum demands.  I felt these under appreciated teachers deserved to be recognized by the city, so I worked to found the Utah Teacher Appreciation Night event at the Loveland Aquarium.

In May, 2016, our group invited teachers and their families, approximately 900 people, out for an evening of dinner, door prizes, recognition, and exclusive access to the aquarium.  This appreciation night, which we have turned into an annual tradition, has been an effective way of showing teachers how much our community appreciates the hard work they do.