Mrs. Utah 2013

Supporting the Arts as Mrs. Utah 2013

I was Mrs. Utah in 2013.  I have been involved in the pageant system most of my life as a contestant, judge, and coach.  One reason for my continued participation and support is because I am always looking for ways to improve as a person and help others do the same.  My participation in pageants taught me many skills, including interviewing, public speaking, community service and health and fitness.  It has opened doors for me to speak on issues I am passionate about.  These experiences have allowed me to be a national spokesperson for Go Red foundation and the Orton Dyslexia foundation.  I have had the opportunity to speak to high school students and adults, and offer them tools to help overcome depression through my association with The Art of Being Grateful.  I also created ADHA Finding Their Gifts, which is an organization that assists parents in finding resources to help children with ADHD.

Through the pageant system, I have met many life-long friends and mentors, and have been able assist them on a variety of issues they are passionate about; e.g., Lyme disease, child abuse, distracting driving, and many more.  I have been impressed by these smart, passionate, and beautiful women and have become a better person myself because of these associations.  I did not win every pageant I entered, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  As a coach and a judge I have helped many young women find their voices, connect with their passions, and improve their interviewing skills.  Even though there is only one winner at the end of each pageant, the skills we all learned through the experience have been priceless.