Domestic Violence is a Bi-Partisan Issue

Domestic Violence Is A Bi-partisan Issue!
As your representative, I will support good legislation like Representative Robert Spendlove (R)-Sandy addressing Domestic Violence. If HB333 were to have been passed last year it might have helped save Lauren McCluskey’s life. The tragic story of Ms. Jill McCluskey reminds me of the tragic events of Memorez Rackley and her 6 year old son in June of 2017. On June 3, 2017, Ms. Rackley reported to the police that she was scared for the safety of her and her children and did not know what to do. She and her son were killed 3 days later on June 6, 2017.
Spendlove says the police “didn’t have the tools” to protect Rackley and her children. Jill McCluskey, had reported numerous amounts of times that she was being harassed by Mr. Rowland. The fact that Rowland was a sex offender and the police did not even do a background check on Rowland, is very disturbing.
All Women, men and Children have a right be protected against Domestic Violence. According to Fox 13, April 2, 2018, new data released by the Utah Department of Health showed that nearly 20 percent of women in the state have experienced some form of domestic violence. The data was based on a 2016 poll of ten thousand men and women. This report and recent events is why I am willing to support legislation like HB 333 to address the important issue of domestic violence and give the police the tools they need to keep these people alive.
Please vote for Michele Weeks for House District 51.