This campaign season I have noticed on State and National races Mitt Romney is actively campaigning for Republicans. I like Mitt Romney and have voted for him before. BUT he is not running for House District 51. If elected, Mitt will be busy working for you at the Nation’s Capital. That is why I am asking you NOT TO VOTE STRAIGHT PARTY. Look at the candidates and where they stand on the issues that are important to you. Check the candidates voting record if they have one to help you in your decision.
Both my opponent and I have a voting record on the Draper City Council. Our votes are public record. I encourage you to check how we have represented the people of Draper during our time in office. Look down the ballot and vote for the person who will best represent you in that office.

I am endorsed by Canyons Education Association
I opposed the expansion of Geneva Rock and will continue to work for better air quality.
I am vocal about more open space at the point of the mountain silicon slopes.
I have continually voted to represent your voice and not the voice of special interests and developers.
I never vote straight ballot because I do not believe one party or person is right for all offices.
Thank you for sending your ballot and vote for Michele Weeks for House District 51.