Once Geneva Rock announced that it was going to bring back a new proposal to Draper City, I decided to try and resolve some concerns I have heard from the residents. Many Draper residents are not only concerned about the actual mining operation but also, the piles of sand and gravel that is stored at Geneva Rock and the Point of the Mountain.

So, I reached out to our City Manager, Geneva Rock, DEQ, and a local developer to see if we could look around the property and work on improving the air quality for Draper Residents. Everyone agreed to this meeting BUT Geneva Rock. I spoke directly with Dave Kallas of Geneva Rock. I told him that I was aware that Geneva was coming back to the city for another attempt at rezoning, so I wanted to see what we can do to address the concerns of the citizens. Geneva Rock told me NO! The problem that we wanted to discuss, the piles of sand and gravel on their property, is not where Geneva is asking for the rezone. In short, they are not interested. My response was shock. I asked them, how do you expect me to allow more mining if you are not even willing to discuss or address the issues we are currently having?
Following this conversation, I met with the DEQ and discussed our options. We have options, but new Laws need to be presented at the state capital to create stricter regulations for mines, especially so close to residential neighborhoods. I also learned that Draper city has the authority to ask for stricter regulations with mining operations in our city. I am asking for your vote and to reach out to your Mayor and city council and demand that the city and the state look at ways of improving our air quality in Draper and Utah.
As your State Representative I will continue to be your voice at the Capital and fight for these important issues!

Vote For Michele Weeks !