Michele Weeks on Proposition 2

If you support Proposition 2 then vote yes on it. If you do not support Proposition 2 then vote against it.

Please remember that the new compromise on this initiative that was just hammered out by the Government is just a document and has not even been heard in the legislature. This compromise was struck because many members in our state government were concerned that the initiative was going to pass. This was their attempt to deflate the popularity of the initiative.

It is interesting that for several years the legislature was unable to come to a compromise on this issue. However, now that they are on the doorstep of defeat they are interested in compromise. The citizens that support this proposition should be concerned that if this issue goes down in defeat there will be no urgency or incentive for the legislature to pass the compromise.
Whatever the results are on Proposition 2 after the election is the direction I will take as your State Representative.

The following link is an opinion that was published by the Salt Lake Tribune regarding Proposition 2. I found this to be a very interesting perspective.…/…/2018/10/06/tribune-editorial-vote