Air Pollution has become an ever increasing issue in the state of Utah. Especially in Draper City.

According to the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment on a Facebook Post dated September 9, 2018 it states: “The Salt Lake Valley has not had one full day of “green,” or clean air since the first week of June. Our environment matters, it affects everyone’s health and our financial well-being. More environmental friendly legislation needs to be passed to bring Utah up to the modern standards of other cities in the US.” Clean air is essential to the quality of life in Draper and Utah. I have worked on improving our clean air. On a local level, I have and will vote on ordinances and zoning to keep our air as clean as possible. I am very concerned about the dust that blows on South Mountain during windy days. I would like to work with the state on new laws to control the dust for residents that live near a mine or a rock quarry.

This type of air pollution in Utah is an unacceptable health hazard. As stated in the article below from KUTV: “We can very credibly estimate that somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 Utahns die prematurely every year due to the air pollution,” said Dr. Brian Moench with Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment. “

Mining in Utah has been proven that it significantly contributes to our air pollution. The KUTV article below talks specifically about the Kennecott mine: “According to data from the Utah Division of Air Quality, RTK is by far the largest single source of air pollution along the Wasatch Front, emitting 10 times more pollution overall than the next largest industrial source, the Chevron refinery. Inversions or no inversions, the raw data simply show that RTK is responsible for nearly one-third of the overall pollution released into the air over Salt Lake County.”

I have been a strong voice against the expansion of Geneva Rock. I have campaigned about this issue in my city council races and have stayed true to my word. I have kept the public informed about this issue and will continue to be a strong voice to stop the expansion of Geneva Rock. I met with the DEQ and discussed our options on September 11, 2018. We have options, but new Laws need to be presented at the state capital to create stricter regulations for mines, especially so close to residential neighborhoods. I also learned that Draper City has the authority to ask for stricter regulations with mining operations in our city. I am asking for your vote and to reach out to your Mayor and city council and demand that the city and the state look at ways of improving our air quality in Draper and Utah.

Here are some great resources to understand better why it is important for us to address air quality issues in the State and why it is important to elect a representative for Draper that will continue to be your voice and fight for Draper residents.

On September 11, 2018 The Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment published an article titled “Reducing Dust From Geneva Rock”. The article states: “Continual dust from Geneva’s operations are potentially some of the most dangerous dust particles in our airshed in terms of negatively affecting lung function. Unfortunately, since there are no air monitors in the area and the state doesn’t require them, no one knows exactly what is contained in this huge mountain removal project. “

Point of the Mountain – Reducing Dust from Geneva Rock

On October 28, 2018, the Desert News published an article titled “In our opinion: If Utah wants clean air, it need to be a priority.” The article states: “Effective long-term air quality policy would balance the necessity of government action with what a citizenry is willing to concede, but it would also support innovation and community solutions.”