Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!!
As you may know my opponent and I both sat on the city council together, but had very different opinions especially when it came to high-density housing. I voted against most of all the additional high-density housing where he voted for them. I was especially concerned when the requests were for 60 units per acre and only required 1.5 parking spots per unit.
As I see it, one of my main jobs as a city council member is to make sure our infrastructure can handle any zoning changes the council makes. That is one of the many reasons I tried to control the growth in Draper.

Jeff was on the city council for 12 years and I do not believe that the council did its job to make sure that the infrastructure could handle the growth. That is why I was not shocked to hear Jeff on the attached recording say that when he was on city council the council never cared about traffic issues. He stated that “the increase of traffic and traffic issues is not a good argument to change the city council vote.” It may not change Jeff’s vote but it does change my vote as your city council member.

I care about the things that concern you. Traffic, open space, water, clean air, health care, schools, and the opium epidemic. I care and that is why I run for public office. We need to elect public officials that care about issues that affect our lives. That is why I am asking for your vote. Michele Weeks House of representative.